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Over they years, I've found many fossils, but this one takes the cake!
For several years, a friend of mine had been finding fragments of a HUGE mosasaur in a nearby creek. In December of 2000 he told me where the location was and asked me to check it for him, since I lived so much closer. I have already posted some photographs of the scattered vertebrae and jaw pieces I found on my first few trips to the creek. That was only a warm-up, as it turned out! One Saturday in October 2001, when I went to check the creek after a rain, I saw nine vertebrae sticking out of the shale bottom of the creek and realized that I had found where the scattered bones were coming from. It took us several weekends and a LARGE group of volunteer help to dig it all out! (Thanks guys and gals!)  Eventually this specimen went to the SMU collection, where it is currently undergoing study.  Due to its enormous size, the full skeleton will probably not be mounted for display.  Instead, a digital reconstruction should be available for study within the next year or so.

To dig out all of the tail vertebrae, which averaged five inches in diameter.

Due to site constraints, I can only show one pic at a time, but I decided to update it since the same images have been up here for two years. Here's a picture of two of the tailbones with neural arches and chevron bones attached. Add flesh and muscle and this guy's tail would have been over two feet tall at this point, about six or eight feet aft of his hips. What a brute!